The brand of your business, be it a symbol, name, design or term, is that which distinguishes your organisation or product from it’s rival in the eyes of the customer.

Used correctly it will enable your business, event or organisation to evoke a memorable and trustworthy identity.
The use of a carefully & considered logo design used across all your business marketing and advertising materials will leave a lasting impression.

By listening and understanding your business aspirations, along with how you’d like to be perceived, realising your target audience and understanding your mission statement, I will design a brand that will leave a lasting impression on your potential clients.

Good branding used across your event, business or organisation’s promotional material will provide a consistent and cohesive message, valuable for gaining trust and building lasting relationships.

You can have the most amazing logo but if it’s not applied cohesively and consistently, your branding could fall short. I will help you achieve not only a great logo, but also great branding.



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