Monster Jam 2009

Review Monster Jam
Millennium Stadium

Trucks put on an ‘awesome’ display Trucks put on an ‘awesome’ display

THE moment my over-excited son dragged me from the kitchen to thrust
me in front of the TV advertisement, I knew it was in my best
interests to book tickets for this year’s Monster Jam.
We visited Cardiff last year to experience what Jack would later call
an “awesome” event.
And I have to admit, it had a lot to live up to but on the day it
didn’t disappoint.
It is a well-organised event, which not only gives a spectacular
evening show but also the rare opportunity to get up close to these
beasts at the Pit Party held in the afternoon.
A true delight for any petrol-head.
Watching my son’s face light up in awe on entering the arena was worth
a million pounds as he scrambled down the steps to quickly find his
Last year it was Monster Mutt, a huge truck in the character of a dog
complete with teeth, ears and a tail, but this year it was the
impressive Maximum Destruction.
The evening show opened with the deafening roars of the trucks
entering the arena. We were supplied with ear plugs and they were
quickly rammed into our ears.
In the first part of the show, the trucks competed against each other
in time trials while jumping huge mounds of mud and stacked cars, each
landing rather precariously.
Also featured in the show were some skilled motor-cross riders who
defied gravity by doing back flips and somersaults and plenty of other
hair-raising stunts and some buggy racing.
But topping the bill were the very amusing Robin Reliants, which were
on their roofs more than their wheels, bashing into each other with
bits of bodywork flying everywhere.
But it was the freestyle event and show finale that Jack best
remembered from last year.
Here, the Monster Trucks manoeuvred at speed around the arena,
charging at the ramps, jumping high into the air to come crashing back
down, bouncing on their huge wheels.
Perched on the edge of his seat Jack could barely contain his
excitement as Maximum Destruction entered the arena. For Jack this is
what he came to see and his expectations were fully met.
A thoroughly enjoyable day and evening out and well worth the price of
the ticket.

Sam Jones

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