Will Young

Will Young Concert
St David’s Hall, Cardiff on Saturday

I have to admit it wasn’t the reaction I’d expected when I announced
to a groupof friends that I was going to see Will Young in concert.

Many jokes at my expense followed, along with “would I be taking my
nana?” I bristled a little, but I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been a fan
of Will Young since his humble beginings on Pop Idol over ten years

Time has passed and both he and his music have evolved and
matured. Maybe I’m in denial about my own age or just niave but
quickly realised those jokes on arrival at the venue as there were no
hysterical teenagers at this concert, more, how can I put this
politely…ladies and gentlemen of a certain age.

Putting that aside that I pretty much knew what I expected from this concert, held in the
intimate surrounding of St David’s Hall and he failed to dissapoint.

What followed was a brilliant concert. Acheived in his warm,
understated and modest way with a voice that was note perfect. He
looked calm and relaxed singing songs he is clearly very proud of.

There was no messing around with costume changes, dancers or fussy
sets, this was all about Will and his music. With almost 2 hours of
non stop music he effortlessy belted out a great selection of songs
both old and new, showcasing the excellent range of his voice, with a
bit of banter thrown in to boot.

The audience happily sang and danced through the more upbeat songs and were
mesmerized by the deeper songs such as the impressive Silent Valentine.

Supporting Will Young on the night were two support acts, Jodie Marie
and Lawson. Jodie Marie a bright young singer song writer from
Pembrokeshire and one to watch, she opened the show with her moving
and moody lyrics and had the audience utterly captivated within

Watch this space I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more from her
in the near future. This was followed by Lawson who blasted us with
their lively and enthusuastic music, before the main event. Will
Young, an accomplished performer and anyone who gets a chance to see
Will, whatever your age, should do so, you won’t be dissapointed.

Sam Moon

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