Thalgo Indoceane Treatment

Samantha Jones tried the Thalgo Indoceane treatment at The Cliff Hotel
& Spa, Gwbert

They say
More than just a relaxing treatment, Indoceane offers a complete
relaxing replenishing treatment that goes even deeper than the rest
and relaxation offered by Hot Stone Therapy. This treatment takes you
on a journey incorporating influences from distant countries. Includes
exfoliation, massage and body wrap. Suitable for men and women.

We say
Arriving early to use the spa facilities before my treatment – an
added extra offered to anyone who books a treatment valued at £50 or
more – I headed straight for the comfortably shaped, heated loungers
and took some time to unwind.

Unfortunately, having chosen to visit between 12 and 2pm, I was soon
torn from my relaxed state by a swarm of children shrieking and
splashing in armbands. The spa is attached to the hotel and although I
appreciate guests also need to be catered for, I did not feel this
space was suitable for children.

Luckily the treatment more than made up for it. During the first stage
of this three-part treatment, the Mediterranean Body Scrub, I was
rubbed from head to toe using a sweet and savoury scrub made from
brown sugar, Mediterranean salt and citrus fruit essential oils. This
product smelled divine, leaving the rich citrus scent lingering in the

After a quick shower, it was onto the second part. This involved a
deep and extremely relaxing massage, using warmed neem oils and
essential oils of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli. It was unlike any
massage I’d had before, as focus was given to energy centres on the
body – the solar plexus, wrists, soles of the feet and gently down
sections of the spine. Time slipped away, as did many of my aches and

The third and final stage was the sublime body wrap. The silky lotion
containing lily of the valley, jasmine and sandalwood was liberally
applied all over my body. I was then enveloped in towels and receive
one last massage around my neck and shoulders, easing away any traces
of tension I had left. Finally my therapist gently blotted away any
traces of lotion that failed to be lapped up by my thirst-quenched

After effects
I floated away from the Cliff Hotel and Spa with beautifully soft
skin, feeling calm, relaxed and restored. At £75, it may not be a
treatment you choose to have all that often, but it is an experience
that I would definitely recommend having at least once – pure
pampering at its best. The staff were friendly and warm and Sian, my
therapist, was silent during the treatment itself, ensuring I was
never once snapped from my relaxed state.

The Thalgo Indoceane treatment lasts 1hr and 30 mins and costs £75.
For more information call 01239 622179 or visit

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