Monster Jam 2008

Review Monster Jam
Millennium Stadium

Monster occasion was… awesome!

KEEPING a seven-year-old entertained is not always the easiest task in
the world.
But a stadium crammed with giant trucks more than kept my son Jack happy.
As soon as the advertisements for the second Monster Jam event at the
Millennium Stadium in Cardiff appeared on the TV, Jack was desperate
to go.

And throughout the day, the most-used word from his lips was “awesome”.
As we stood at the top of the steps looking down into the main arena
where the trucks were on display it was the first time I had seen my
son, nicknamed “chatter-jack” by his mates at school, speechless.

I was dragged down the steps at speed to get a closer look at the
beasts, which really are massive. Jack was absolutely dwarfed by them
but quickly found his favourite, Monster Mutt – a huge truck in the
character of a dog complete with teeth, ears and a tail. All of the
trucks had their own name and very impressive spray-painted body work.
You had the opportunity to walk around these trucks and meet the drivers.

The show opened with fireworks and an introduction to each truck. We
were supplied with ear plugs as we entered the stadium and they were
quickly rammed into our ears as the noise was deafening when these
trucks entered the arena.

During the next few hours, Jack was completely engrossed, jumping out
of his seat almost as often as the trucks jumped over their obstacles
of stacked cars and mounds of mud.

Also featured in the show were some skilled motorbike stunt riders who
defied gravity by doing back flips and somersaults and plenty of other
hair-raising stunts.

The best was saved for last – the freestyle event. Here the Monster
Trucks manoeuvred at speed around the arena, charging at the man-made
ramps of mud and cars, jumping high into the air to come crashing back
down, bouncing on their huge wheels. The drivers must have nerves of

As we left the show, my still very excited, but by now exhausted
seven-year-old, informed me what he wants to do when he grows up – you
guessed it, a Monster Truck driver.

Sam Moon

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