Comfort Zone Aromasoul Full Body Ritual

Comfort Zone Aromasoul Full Body Ritual at the St
Brides Hotel and Spa, Saundersfoot
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What they say

This ritual will take you on a journey of four distinct worlds: the
exotic orient cultures, the vibrant and warm diversity of the
Mediterranean, the multi-coloured world and life philosophy of India
and the ancient mesmerising world of the desert tribes, the Berbers.
Each journey begins with the selection of the essential oil blend,
followed by the massage ritual which incorporates a fusion of
techniques from the four worlds of aromasoul.

What we say

The treatment began with the selection of an essential oil. After
smelling four very different oils, I chose the oriental blend, with
hints of jasmine and vanilla. This, I was told, suggested I was in
need of relaxation and a calming experience, rather than an energising

Lying on a warm couch, the massage began on my back. I was quickly
rubbed in swift firm movements up and down either side of my spine
which generated some heat. A deeper massage followed tackling some of
the knots found around my shoulders, a short while later the technique
changes again to a more traditional massage and my tensions began to
drift away.

Finally a very soft barely-there massage completed the fourth element
of this ritual.

This technique was repeated across both my legs arms and stomach,
finishing with my neck, enveloping me in the sweet scents of the

After effects

I’ve often had massages and been left disappointed, being either too
soft and not tackling the knots or to the other extreme being too

By having the four distinctly different techniques used in this
ritual, I was given a bit of everything.

I was left feeling rejuvenated by the lovely aromas of the treatment
oil and totally relaxed knowing a few of my knots had been unwound and
ready to tackle the week head on. A perfect stress buster.

Also available are a number of Comfort Zones products complementing
the treatment, from room scents and body creams to tea.

The 55-minute Comfort Zone Aromasoul Full Body Ritual costs £65 at The
St Brides Hotel and Spa in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire.Tel: 01834
812304. E-mail:
http://www.stbridesspahotel.comTel: 01834 812304. E-mail: http://www.stbrides

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