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Davina Intense Fitness DVD
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Sam Jones tried Davina Intense, £12.99

Who?: Presenter Davina McCall is no stranger to the fitness DVD,
having sold 1.5 million DVDs in eight years. She’s back with personal
trainers, Jackie and Mark Wren, on her ninth installment.

Length of DVD: 95 minutes.

What do we need to know?: Split into five sections – warm up, intense
cardio box, intense toning, intense abs and cool down, the idea is to
keep you at an intense level of exercising, with your heart rate up
for a period of time before having a rest period, then another intense
level of exercise.

There are two-minute breaks between each workout, allowing you to get
your heart rate to drop again and take some much needed water breaks.

Who’s it aimed at?: Anyone serious about getting/staying fit. There’s
no easy part, in the sense that it’s pretty full on from the word go.
But I’d say this is pretty much for everyone if you like high-energy

Being fun, with Davina’s usual dizzy banter, I even roped my
12-year-old son into joining in.

Clarity of instructions: Good. But, in the introduction, Davina
recommends doing three to four workouts a week and to mix it up.

I wouldn’t attempt to do the entire DVD in one go, not if you wish to
walk the following day, but I found over a period of time and with the
intense nature of the workouts, my stamina improved and my recovery
time dropped, so felt I was really improving my fitness levels week on

Likeability of instructor: She’s like Marmite, but I found Davina,
with her impressive six pack and array of brightly coloured gym wear
along with her regular face pulling at Mark and Jackie, rather
It also distracted me from some of the burn.

Best bit: Either the Intense Cardio Box (squats, lunges, running on
the spot, at a very fast pace) – I found this quite difficult on my
first few attempts as I’m not the most coordinated person, but once I
got familiar with the routine, settled into it well.

Or, the Intense Abs. A much shorter section thankfully after the
previous two, this is a really good abs section starting with some
standing ab work followed by floor work.

I really felt the results of this section whenever I did it, be it on
its own or with the other sections.

I always find it satisfying to feel the pull and ache the following
day as I know I’m working hard to achieve that washboard stomach.

Worst bit: The Intense Toning section.

Again, a very fast routine but with slightly longer rest periods
between the exercises.

In this section comes the dreaded star jumps. Being someone who needs
a super firm sports bra – this isn’t one of my favourite exercises.

Difficulty rating: 8/10. It’s easy to follow, with uncomplicated
moves, and Mark or Jackie explain the next routine during breaks –
giving you an early heads up of what to expect next.

But it’s hard to complete. Expect to be out of breath very quickly and
don’t expect an easy ride, it is what it says – intense.

Results: This is a workout full of short bursts of fast, high-energy
exercises that really gets your heart rate up.

A great all-round DVD for building stamina, core strength and fat
burning, I was left exhausted and you really do get out what you put

Based on the principle of high intensity training, working out for a
shorter length of time at a higher intensity, I found it great for
stamina and fat burning.

My stamina and fitness levels definitely improved, with my recovery
time dropping over time.

My clothes also fit much better, so I’ve toned up, especially my arms
and stomach which aren’t quite so wobbly.

I will definitely stick with it.

Sam Jones


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