Abdul’s Tandoori Spice

Abdul’s Tandoori Spice, 01239 621416,
2 Royal Oak, Quay Street, Cardigan, Ceredigion
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Lively Abdul’s packs a spicy punch with plenty
 of laughter on the quayside

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ABDUL’S Tandoori Spice is a busy and lively curry house tucked away on
the quayside in Cardigan. It is very popular with the locals and, come
the busier months of the year, with tourists too.

On our visit, early on a Saturday evening, the restaurant was already
in full swing, filled with diners and buzzing with chatter and
laughter. There was a real mix of people, families, couples and a loud
group of young ladies who were all happily tucking into their curries.

The friendly staff whizzed around efficiently, serving up sizzling
dishes that smelt deliciously spicy. Abdul’s does not serve alcohol,
but is happy for you to take your own, so, after taking a soft drinks
order for my son they opened our wine and beer and we were supplied
with poppadoms, (50p each) and a chutney tray whilst we made our
selection from the extensive menu including a vast array of house

To start we ordered the mulligatawny soup ( £2.25), onion bhaji
(£2.75) and vegetable samosa (£2.75). The soup, served piping hot, was
deliciously rich and spicy, the onion bhaji firm and delicately spiced
allowing the flavours of the onion through and the vegetable samosa,
fat, crisp and flavoursome.

For our mains my son, whose eyes always prove to be bigger than his
stomach, ordered the safe yet tasty chicken korma (£5.95) and was
offered a smaller child’s portion which Mum accepted on his behalf.

I went for the speciality chicken makhani (£6.95) and, wanting
something with a kick, my partner went for the tandoori chicken
jalfrezi (£6.95). A pilau rice (£2.50), garlic chilli fried rice
(£3.50), saag aloo (£2.95) and a portion of chips (£1.95) were also

As the waiter walked away I mutter what I always mutter when I’ve
ordered a curry, that we’ll never eat it all. A short while later,
when the colourful food was arranged on our table, we certainly gave
it a good attempt!

The korma was rich and sweet, with the cream and coconut sauce holding
plenty of generously sized chunks of tender chicken. The makhani was
also rich and creamy, cooked with mild spices and served in a thick
sauce of butter and cream creating a distinct flavour, deep red in
colour and again with plenty of chicken.

As for the jalfrezi, it was hot but not overpowering, cooked with
plenty of green chillies, tomatoes, herbs and spices it was
complemented by the hot chilli garlic rice. Combining the two
generated the desired heat and my partner was soon opening another
bottle of chilled beer!

The Saag Aloo was delicious as was the generous portion of chunky
crisp chips. The portions are generous and we failed to finish
everything, the staff efficient and friendly and the atmosphere
lively. This is a small curry house with a big personality and well
worth a visit.

Sam Moon


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